About Us

" We specialize and prioritize the sustainability of natural agriculture to provide high-quality and safe agricultural products which are healthier for farmers, consumers, and the environment. "

Bio Cherish Company Limited

    Bio Cherish Co., Ltd, an affiliated company of S&J Products and Chita Organic Food, aims to provide the food industry with certified organic and natural raw materials, a premium quality product.

      Bio Cherish locates in Lamphun province in northern Thailand, with 110 hectares of certified organic and natural farmlands. Our chemical-free farming-based and integrated crop farming system allows the optimum use of functional biodiversity.

Why choose us?

Certified organic: EU Organic, USDA Organic, and JAS Organic

More than 15 years of experience in organically agricultural practice

More than 60 HA of certified organic farmland

160 acres certified organic

120 acres of natural farmland

Environmental care and sustainable agriculture

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